Thoughts on Art

Art is a gift that God has given me, the art I create is my gift back to Him.  I take no credit for the deep passion that he placed in my heart, the desire to reveal a world in the shadows of lines on the page.  The desire to unmask and unveil the beauty of life through layers of paint.   As an artist, I have learned to infuse my art with the emotions and experiences of my faith and my walk with Christ.

I graduated from Anderson University in South Carolina with a B.A. in Art, with a concentration in Painting and Drawing.  It was there that I discovered my love for drawing, painting and sketching out my journey of faith on the page.

While part of me desires to return to the world of academia and further my education, skills, and knowledge of art through Grad School (and possibly further), I plan on continuing to create until God tells me otherwise. I believe that it is essential for artists of every level to pass on their knowledge and passion to those that follow in their footsteps.

I plan on continuing to develop my art through the experiences that God has laid out for me in life.  I take my sketchbook with me everywhere I go and my camera is never to far away.


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