Disclaimer (Mercy Ships)

I served aboard the M/V Africa Mercy, a hospital ship that serves the people of West Africa and part of Mercy Ships, in the summer of 2010 (June to September).  While I did serve aboard their vessel, everything posted on this Blog are my own personal views and may not reflect the views of Mercy Ships.  Nothing was read or approved by the leadership or members of Mercy Ships before posting.

I enjoyed every moment of my time aboard ship, growing in my faith and my personal beliefs.  I learned a lot about my self, living in community, and God.  Nothing can compare to the experience that I had, and I will never be able to fully put them into words.  Don’t take my word for it, go and serve.

DSC_0063These adventures are my own.  Learn from them and then walk the path that God has set out before you.  Live life to the fullest by living the life God is leading you into.

God Bless and PEACE


2 thoughts on “Disclaimer (Mercy Ships)”

  1. Hey! Hope you’re having fun on the boat! I finally found your blog (since I couldn’t remember the address after you told me…) Sounds like your having a good time, keep up the writing.


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