Journeys: the adventures of a Nomad

A number of years ago, a friend jokingly told me that I should write down all my adventures and stories, then publish it.  I started thinking about it and in 2012, I started the rough draft of my adventures.  I set out with the hopes of inspiring not only my own generation, but generations before me and generations to come, to live to the fullest.  To serve.  And to love until it hurt.  And then love more.

Journeys: the adventures of a Nomad is a single voice in a crowd.  The story of my travels is both a physical journey and a spiritual endeavor of discovery.  From the military bases of my childhood to the missions fields of Honduras, Uganda, and Togo, my adventures include art, faith, National Service, Disaster Response, and much more.

I am still in the process of writing.  The hand-written, rough draft has been typed up into the first draft that was sent off to be edited. It returned with the bleeding of red ink, marks of an amazing editor whose guidance, input, and suggestions have been crucial to shaping this narrative. I am currently in the slow process of rewriting it for the second draft.

I’ve shared a couple excerpts from my writings here on this blog: the first is a section titled Thin Places about my first time up at Saranac Village. The second is a section titled Getting Up After The Fall about my time running cross country and track at Anderson University.

I have no clue when or where it will be published, but I will keep everyone updated here and on my art page through Facebook.


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