About Me

Storyteller. Artist. Photographer. Nomad.

My name is Sean Kerr.  I graduated from Anderson University in SC a several years back, where I studied Art, concentrating in Painting and Drawing.  ‘STKerr’ is an art thing; It’s how I sign all my art work (First Initial, Middle Initial, Last Name).  No, I wont tell you my middle name (except that I did in a post, good luck finding it).

This blog was originally intended to be a written testimony of my thoughts and beliefs as I discovered what it meant to follow Jesus Christ. While a lot of my writings revolve around my struggle and journey of faith, most of my writings center around my physical adventures throughout the years.

I spent four years after college in various programs with AmeriCorps, a national service program that opened the door for me to respond to various disasters, prescribed fires, and wildfires throughout the states and got me involved in the world of conservation.

Over the past three years I have stepped back from writing as I found myself working night shift behind the radio as a Dispatcher for Anderson County Communications, focusing primarily on the Fire and EMS radio.

I eventually want to return to Africa, either to Uganda where I first experienced the Dark Continent or back aboard the M/V Africa Mercy with Mercy Ships. I would love to travel across the world, specifically Africa, visiting and living alongside missionaries for several months at a time, telling the stories of my time with them through images and words.

I feel that many times, all we know about missionaries are there name, how old they are, and their supporting church.  I want to be able to share their lives, who they truly are, where they come from, why and how they are serving God, and what they are doing with the opportunities that God has placed at their feet.

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I’m still trying to figure out where God is leading me next, but this is where He has brought me this far. I am confident that He will continue guiding my feet.

This is a little bit about me.  The rest is in the words that I write.

God Bless and PEACE


2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Sean,

    I want to share a verse with you, Daniel 11:32. When we really know God and live in close relationship with Him, we will rise up with a new found faith, with fresh enthusiasm, touched by the hand of God to do great exploits of faith.

    Don’t wait to travel across Africa. God with the idea of relating what God is doing the world, how the Holy Spirit touches lives. Don’t just go to the missionaries but go and stay wherever He leads. God with an open heart and mind. Learn to live by faith. Go to encourage, to pray for others, and to share Christ’s love. Do not be timid, for out of your weakness you will rise up in faith. Keep a journal (both written and photo plus art) of what you see and experience.

    You will never have all the answers. This is to force you to trust and rely upon Him for your ever need.

    May God open your eyes and richly bless you.

    Ken & Maggie

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