Our Broken World

We live in a broken world. We live in a world of pain and suffering. We live looking over our shoulders, hoping that we are not the next target. We live in a world where terrorism is not a foreign concept, but a reality of life. We live in a world of fear.

Every day, it seems like there is another attack. Another person shot. Another bomb that has claimed lives. Another child killed. Another police officer ambushed. Another protest. Another night of violence.

Every night that I work, I am reminded of how broken our world is. I listen to the pain and the suffering of those who plead of help. I can feel the fear in their voices as they cling to hope.

I’ve been told that to succeed in the long run in the dispatch center, I have must distance myself from those that I serve. But I’ll be honest: I can’t do that. I refuse to do that.

Every day, I am reminded how broken our world is. Every call reminds me of my own brokenness. And every morning when I get home and climb into bed, I find peace and calm within my brokenness. I fall asleep knowing that God has chosen me to be His own, restoring me through His love.

This truth is what drives me to live a life full of unconditional love.

Yes, we are broken. Our hearts have been shattered by pain and hatred and violence and death. We have been broken by sins committed by us and against us. We are witnesses to it every day.

But we also are witnesses to something much more powerful.

The healing power of the acceptance into the family of God. The restoring power of unconditional love that has been poured out over each of us. A love that has taken every piece of our brokenness and reformed it; made it new.

God has chosen me to be His own. And through that adoption of love that made me a child of the Lord I too have been made new.

This doesn’t change the world we live in. But it changes the way we relate to the world.

We still feel the pain and the suffering. We still fear for the lives of our brothers and sisters. But we react with love and compassion, empathy and healing. We become the calm in the storm. The beacon of light in a dark world. A steady voice that people can hold onto in the chaos. The lifeline of unconditional love that eases the pain and wipes away the tears.

We are more than the body of Christ, His hands and feet in this world. We are also His adopted children; a physical representation of unconditional love.

And, as a broken individual, this is the hope that allows me to live and love to the fullest.