L’amour Gagne Toujours

These words have echoed across the world in the past couple days, ever since the Friday the 13th terror attacks in Paris. They have been written on the ground and on every heart that has felt the pain of this attack. It is our rallying cry and our prayer for this broken word.

Love Always Wins.

Love is our weapon against terrorism. Love is our weapon against fear. Love is the weapon that will unite us in a world that is broken.

It isn’t just love for the victims and survivors of the attacks in Paris. It isn’t just love for those affected by terrorism around the world. It isn’t just love for those suffering from events beyond their control. It is a love that has the power to consume the entire word.

Love does not discriminate against race, religion, creed, or points of view. Love accepts us for who we are, and for who we are not.

When I first thought of what I was going to write about, my first working title for this post was going to be “Why Do The Innocent Have To Suffer.”

Love leads to compassion. And compassion leads to healing. And we need healing in this time of pain. Not war. Not accusations. Not closed doors.

I heard today that a number of our political figures have decided to make a stand against allowing refugees fleeing from conflict and war to settling in our nation. There is a fear that, because one single individual in the attacks in Paris may have smuggled himself into the country through the mass of refugees that have flooded into Europe, another radical fanatic is hiding among those individuals fleeing to the U.S.

One individual. And the terrorists have won.

They have won because we are responding in fear. And not with compassion and love. They have succeeded because we are afraid to love unconditionally.

There are thousands of individuals who are seeking safety at our doors. These are Christians, Jews, Muslims, Agnostics, and Atheists. They are victims and survivors of war, of persecution, of fear. And they are seeking not just safety, but a new life. New opportunities. And a new hope for their families.

We are a nation of immigrants. We come from around the world to seek the American Dream. We are the melting pot, the salad bowl of nations. Together we make up what it means to be American.

We were not stopped at the border because of our religions, our beliefs. So why start now?

Love always wins.

The only way we will win against those who seek to spread terror is to combat it with love. Unconditional love. If we do not love those in the world around us, especially those refugees seeking safety within our nation, then all we are doing is spreading fear and hate.

When we choose not to love, we loose. The rest of the world sees our fear, and those who wish to harm us, to kill us, see our weakness and will act on it. And the refugees that are at our doorstep, waiting for us to let them in, see this fear. They notice when we choose not to love.

When people are met with apprehension and fear, they are reluctant to become part of their community. They feel forced out, so they do not make the effort to interact. From there, fear becomes hate. And the cycle continues.

The only way we can combat that, is to love.

Love always wins.

And when we learn to love, we understand that, though we may be different, we are all in this together. And united we will stand against fear and terror.

And in this war of terror, Love Always Wins.


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