The War on Christmas

Recently, social media has exploded. And I find it rather pathetic. The following is a post by B. Cone in response to the outcry of many vocal Christians in response to Starbucks holiday coffee cups not having Christmas decorations (the original post has been linked above):

In case you’ve had your head in the sand the last few days, there has been a huge controversy brewing, and blowing up all over social media. It’s all related to this year’s Christmas cups at Starbucks. If you’re not a Starbucks regular, let me explain: Every year during the holidays, Starbucks uses special cups, which have always been red and adorned with some type of theme, such as snowflakes, ornaments, or trees. This year, their cups are plain red without such ornamentation. Why is this causing such a stir? Christians are claiming that the plain red cups are part of the “War on Christmas” and that Starbucks is denying Christ by not putting snowflakes on their cups.

There is more to the post that I will get to in a couple moments. But my first issue: IT ISN’T EVEN THANKSGIVING YET! But that aside, why are people so concerned with this? Lets continue the post and listen to his responses:

Here are my thoughts:

1) It’s petty stuff like this which makes Christians look so foolish. Freaking out about plain red cups does nothing to bring people to Jesus.

2) Starbucks has made it known that they in no way celebrate Christ or anything Christian, so we can’t expect them to celebrate Christmas.

3) Symbols like trees, snowflakes and reindeer are not a representation of why us Christians celebrate Christmas.

4) We have way larger problems to worry about in the world. World hunger. Terrorism. Genocide. Human Trafficking. Millions of people who don’t know the name Jesus. Lets focus our time, energy, and anger on something that matters.

5) A video going viral is suggesting that we need to tell the barista’s at Starbucks that our name is “Merry Christmas”, so that they are forced to write it on the cup. Not only is this obviously lying, and so childish, but does nothing to lead the barista closer to Christ. If anything, it hardens them to the Gospel because they see how foolish Christians are.

So in summary, lets focus on what God has called us to do: make disciples. And that might mean spending a Sunday evening sitting in a Starbucks, chatting with the Barista about life and faith, being polite and courteous to them to show them the love of Christ (which should probably include a generous tip)……all while sipping on a delicious peppermint hot chocolate from a plain red cup.

This dude makes some very valid points. Why the [edit] should I care about a simple, red cup? Are we going to wage war on Santa next? Because that is not what Christmas was ever about either?  Just sayin’.

As a follower of Christ, this really irritates me. And it shouldn’t even be an issue.

Every year, I am reminded how much I dislike this season of the year. I detest what Christmas has become. The decorations. The ornaments. The songs being played earlier and earlier each year (I started hearing Christmas music at the beginning of October). The focus on worldly things. Possessions.

Don’t get me wrong: I love spending time with my family. I enjoy watching the happiness on the faces of my niece and nephew when they open their gifts. But, to be completely honest, that is not what all of this is about.

To hear that people are complaining about a red cup makes me shake my head and want to distance myself from the label of Christian. When I hear people upset because someone said “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” all I think about is how petty it all is.

Instead of trying to force Christmas on people, wouldn’t our energy be better spent on showing our love through our actions? Wouldn’t our time be better spent helping those in need? Helping the poor? Protecting those who are being slaughtered by war? Those fleeing conflict with no place to go? Both at home and those overseas.

There are so many other things we could fight against, but yet we choose the injustice of a simple red cup? What the [edit] is wrong here? Is this really something I should be worried about? No.

If you want to boycott Starbucks, that is your own business, but do not try to make this a Christian thing. This is stupidity at its finest. Evidently, we have already lost the true meaning of Christmas. And this time, before the season is really upon us.


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