Day One (of the rest of our lives)

We all have things in our past, be it personal demons, hardships, struggles, or pain; this is what makes us into who we are today. In this moment, you are everything that you once were and so much more. But this posting will not be about the past; this is about here and now. Today. And tomorrow.

There is a song by Matthew West titled “Day One” in which he talks about today is “day one of the rest of [our] life.”

It’s day one of the rest of my life
It’s day one of the best of my life
I’m marching on to the beat of a brand new drum
Yeah, here I come
The future has begun
Day one

I heard this song yesterday and I listened to it (actually listened, not just enjoyed the music) for the first time and realized something: Each day we have the opportunity to start over.

Let me explain: As a follower of Jesus Christ, I have been blessed beyond all measure. Every sin has been washed away through His blood, the blood of my savior. Every morning I have the gift of waking up with the knowledge that He has called me His own and forgiven me. I am reminded of this every single moment of the day. Every breath is a gift that allows me to smile.

Through this gift, God has granted me the opportunity to begin new and whole. God does not hold my past against me, no matter how much I [edited] up before. He loves me despite my failures. His forgiveness is proof of this.

So, that being said, each day is the beginning of a new life in Christ. A day one. And every day, we get the chance to dive deeper into the love of God.

I know this is short, but that’s what I’ve been thinking about.


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  1. AMEN!
    “morning by morning new mercies I see…”
    Great is Thy Faithfulness is my absolute favorite hymn and couldn’t be more relatable to this.
    Why would we not take that chance every day to dig a little deeper into who he is and his sweet presence? I’m guilty of some days not digging in, when I know it’s what is best for me!!

    in Him,

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