The Flame and the Burn

Passion is a flame that guides us.  That lights our way, our path through life.  It is beautiful.  But it is also extremely dangerous if you are not careful.

So many people think they can control fire.  Can control their passion. But the beautiful reality is that it is a dangerous entity in its own right. It consumes everything in its path.  If we are not careful, it will consume us as well.

Have you ever looked at an area that has experienced a fire?  Structures are shells of what they used to be, if they are still standing at all.  Woodland areas are scorched.  Trees are burned.  Ash covers the ground.  Even after prescribed burns, low intensity fires, you can see the devastation that is left behind.  Now look at the wildfires out west.  Want to stand in front of one of them?

Thought not.

Our passions can be just as devastating.  You won’t notice it in the moment as you chase after the flames. But recently I started looking back and seeing the wake of subtle, yet powerful, destruction in my life once I let my passion get out of control.

It isn’t only bridges that have been burned, but people that were once close to me.  I pushed them away while chasing after a passion.  And recently, I’ve come to realize that I may have gotten too close.  Oh, it hurts sometimes.

And we live on with the scars. A reminder of the joy and the pain.

And as the years pass, the scars fade. Look at the landscapes where fires burned years ago.  If you look closely, you can still see it. The effects of the flames. Trees remain blackened. Logs litter the ground and snags reach up wishing for days long past.

But new growth has leapt forth from the scorched earth. Our lives are just the same.  Sometimes we need the flames to burn away the thorns and vines and weeds so that wildflowers bloom once again.


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