What I Know About Love

Yesterday, while building and burning cedar piles for glade restoration, one of my teammates made a comment that sparked a train of thoughts to spin out of control in my head.  Following them was like trying to catch a rabbit.  While blindfolded. Okay, maybe not that severe, but the thoughts jumped from one to another really quickly.

Somehow our conversation wandered over to “Kanye West Wednesdays,” a ‘tradition’ that several members have tried to enforce, forcing the rest of their team to listen to Kanye West non-stop.  (Note: Not many members here in the ERT enjoy this, so it’s not very popular.)  I pointed out an article that another member had posted about how you can now purchase a copy of the Bible that replaces the name of God with Kanye. One of the girls I work with made the comment, “He’s definitely going to Hell.”

This sparked my thoughts that quickly got away from me.  Somehow, I’m going to try to convey them in an orderly fashion to where I ended moments later.

My first thought was: Yes.  This is blasphemy!  The Bible is a holy book.  The word of God.  This was quickly followed by the thought that if Kanye (or his fans?) did this same thing to the Quran, he would be instantly targeted by radical factions of Islam.  (Side note: I’m still wondering why Christians have not risen up in protest or anger about this?)

I then caught myself and asked the question: Who are we, who am I, to pass judgment and decide who will stand before God when the time comes? How can I say that I follow God, and turn and condemn someone I don’t know.  I cannot see their heart.  Nor can I hear the cries of their soul. I don’t know how anyone else stands before God. Even if I did, I have no right to judge.

The next question startled me: How can you love if you pass judgment so quickly?

Do you even know what it means to love?

Do you even know what unconditional love is?

And I stood there, chainsaw in hand, thinking. In a split second, I had been stilled once again by God.  It’s funny how that happens. One moment you’re running around minding your own thoughts, the next you stumble and find yourself listening to the silence after you hear God whisper in your ear.

The rest of the day, I kept on thinking about what it means to love. Unconditionally.

I know I’m not perfect.  Heck, I’m actually not that great. I’m difficult to work with. Emotional. Hard headed. I don’t like confrontation. I avoid people a lot of the time. I like the silence.

Yet, God has shown me how to Love. To smile. To fill my life with joy.

I know very little about love. Even less when it comes to societies standards of love.

But I know that God sent His son to die for me. And for everyone else as well. He calls each of us home. I have no way of knowing if a stranger on the street has committed his life to following in the footsteps of Christ. I don’t know how God is working in the lives of those around me. Each person who comes across my path could be a brother or sister in faith.

So we should love as Christ Jesus teaches us to love. Unconditionally. Without judgment. Without fear. Without hesitation.

Love as if each person in your life is Christ.  Let them know they are loved through your actions and your words. Tell them that they are beautiful, that they matter, that they are loved.

You may be surprised that it is your life that changes for the better.


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