Oh, the Stupid Things We Do

I’ve done some stupid things in this life.  And I regret none of them.  The most recent was placing a GoPro directly in the path of a falling tree.

You see, I’ve been gathering videos of members sawing, mainly for training purposes, but also because it is just really fun.  I set out this week to get some great shots of trees and snags coming down.  As I placed the camera on the ground each time, I told my teammates not to worry, I would not hold them responsible if they hit it.  I just never expected them to actually hit it.

Long story short, the camera got creamed by a tree.


Well, the camera survived.  The casing on the other hand.  Well, that is a little brokened.  The lens cover is shattered.  The remaining casing is undamaged.  Maybe a little scratched, but unmarred.

At least it made a pretty sweet video.

Maybe one day I will grow up.  Until then, I will continue to do stupid things.


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