#DearMe (A Letter to My Younger Self)

If you’ve been on Twitter today, you’ll notice that one of the big hashtags for the day is #DearMe.  It is International Women’s Day, and many people are writing notes to their younger selves.  To be honest, I’m not sure if I get to connection, or maybe I’ve missed something.  I guess the idea is for women to speak out to the younger generations, to give them strength and courage to stand up for what is right.  It’s not just a “feminist” thing, many people are writing to their younger selves, giving advice that they wish they knew all those years ago.

In honor of this trend, I too wrote a note to myself:

I would like to expand on this, so here it goes:

Dear Me,

You’re an idiot.  You believe you know all about the world that surrounds you, but the truth is that you haven’t even begun scratching the surface of your journey, your story.  You have lived as a shadow of who you were created to be and I urge you to discover who you are, who you will be.  The sooner you do this, the sooner you venture forth, the quicker you will learn who you were created to be, why God has chosen you to follow Him.

Open your eyes.  See your brothers and sisters who surround you.  They are your strength, courage, and inspiration to venture forth to confront the darkness that lingers within you.  They will shine their light in your life, allowing you to shine as well.  It’s going to hurt, it’s going to be painful, but it is for the best.  Embrace it.  Allow them to strengthen you, to build you up, to temper you through fire and love.

Be brave.  Take courage.  Don’t be afraid to love unconditionally.  Live with reckless abandon.  And don’t worry about the consequences.

Love, Me



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