When God Made Girls

Recently, every time a certain song comes on, the women in the trucks immediately demand that the station be changed. As a result, some of the guys refuse. And what little peace was present is broken for the time being. Actually, I think the only reason some of the guys like this song is because the girls are so adamantly opposed to it.

The song in question: God Made Girls, by Rae Lynn.

Honestly, I’ve never really paid attention to the song. I think it’s kind of a joke. And I don’t think it was ever meant to have the impact that it does on the Feminist movement.

This being said, I do think this is a funny song due to the reactions it receives each time it is played on the radio.

No, I don’t think girls (women) were made by God to wear skirts, flirt, and give us (men) reasons to do things. God made girls to be the companion that man needed to be in communion.

You see, God made girls for a reason: to live as the equal, opposite, and other half of man. God made girls to that both boys and girls would know what it means to love. To fight for someone. To live together as one. God made girls so that mankind (both male and female) would be in His image.

So God created human beings in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.
– Genesis 1:27

When God made man, something was missing.  He needed a helper (Gen. 2:18).  And after all the wild animals of the fields and the birds of the sky failed, God took a side of man that he did not know that he possessed and made woman.  And when he was her, he knew in an instant what it was to live in communion with someone.  He saw her, and his heart was filled with love, joy, and all the unspeakable emotions of pure bliss.

You see without girls, boys would not know how to truly live.  God knew what He was doing.

So we can laugh and smile about a song that irritates the [edit] out of people, but we know that God made both man and woman for a purpose: to live together as one.  To live together in communion with one another, and the world around them.


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