Let’s Start A Riot (Part 2)

We move through this present darkness, hoods up, heads down.  We hide our faces in fear of being recognized, cover them so that we cannot be seen.  We arm ourselves with justice and righteousness.  We call ourselves warriors.  Peacemakers.  But underneath we are scared to death.

Oh, our heads are filled with rage.  Our thoughts turn to the violence that surrounds us.  Yet our hearts remind us to forgive, to embrace love.    And an eruption of creative energy pours forth, like blood gushing from a wound.  Like a overflowing cup poured out on each of us.

Lovers unite under the banner of peace.  And warriors stand shoulder to shoulder, lining up for war.  Underneath, they have no body armor other than faith, hope for the sun to rise once more above the darkness.  And still we are moving.

The fight is coming.  And it is time to take a stand.

A lone voice starts the call, and soon hundreds of thousands will take up the cry.  And the moment comes down to here and now.  What call will that be?

The moment is now.  The choice is ours.

Will we rush forth with eager hearts to love unconditionally?  To forgive.  To grow.  To accept another into our family.  To embrace one another in a brotherhood that knows no bounds.  To begin healing.  And to rebuild.

Are we willing to make that stand?  To start the battle cry of joy?

We move through this present darkness as warriors of love, spreading hope in a world that is in pain.  We cover our actions to give glory to the one that we serve.  Our names our nothing as our voices raise up in praise.  Our riot is one of joy, an outpouring of love.  A violent juxtaposition against the darkness, as we let God shine through us.  Take control.

Oh, we are so afraid.  Because we know how powerful He is.  We have seen Him forgive us, sinners and wrecks of lives that hold nothing.  And yet He built us up as palaces, as temples.  And we know that the Kingdom is near.  That scares me more than any words or actions of man.  An uncompromising love that stands as a beacon, a symbol of hope in our dark world.

This is our riot.  This is our movement.


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