The Spark That Set the World On Fire

If you’ve been following this blog, or have kept up with me through my updates on various social media sites, you know that I’ve been working endlessly on a autobiography / memoir book that goes by the name of Journeys: the adventures of a Nomad.  In doing so, I have uncovered various struggles, trials, joys, and memories that have been hidden deep beneath the surface for so many years.  I’ve been writing about them.  Revisiting them.  And loving the act of writing about them because this is one step closer to sharing this journey with family, friends, and strangers from all generations.

And I started thinking about when all of THIS began to fall into place.

I guess the fuel for the fire was already there.  It was like faith.  It was always there, it just needed a spark, a question to ignite the interest and open my eyes to the possibilities.

I still remember the moment, when one of the guys that I was serving with up at Saranac Village, a Young Life camp in upper state New York, turned to me with all seriousness and stated that I should write down my story to share with the world.  I laughed and turned to walk off.  And that was the spark.

It was at that same camp, not 300 yards up the hill, that four years before someone asked me a innocent question that dropped a spark into my world.  And for years it smoldered in my heart, slowly growing, before it burst into brilliant flame one dark night in Uganda.

Like a wildfire, sometimes things get beyond what we ever imagined them to be.  I never expected to write a book.  Nor did I ever to expect to serve in a National Service program for four years.  Nor did I ever see myself pursuing my God with reckless abandon.  Loving to the fullest and praying until it hurts to continue on.

Oh, the years have changed the initial vision of that end goal.  Just as I have grown as an individual and learned what it truly means to follow in the footsteps of Christ.  And the fires have consumed who I have become.

With that being said, I pray that you, the reader of these words, allow each spark to flourish in your lives, and the lives of others.  Don’t be afraid of being that spark for someone else.  And don’t ever be afraid of the flames that God places in your heart.  It may be scary at times, but you will become a beacon of light for others (even if you never know).


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