Looking into Other Worlds

It is said that books are windows into other worlds and a way to experience lives that are not our own.  Reading opens our minds to new experiences and allows our hearts to explore and discover the meaning of love.

I have a bunch of books.  I’ve read hundreds.  I love the feel of my fingers turning the page and getting lost within the words of the page.  I enjoy the smell of a good book.  It’s almost like a drug, an addiction.



When I say I read a lot, I’m not exaggerating.  I read everything from sci-fi to historical fiction.  Adventure novels to books about wildfire, disasters, and ancient warfare.  But my favorite are biographies and autobiographies.

There is something about reading about someones life.  Their story.  Their adventure.  Discoveries.  Thoughts.  Struggles.

Gregory David Robert’s Shantaram.  Katie Davis’ Kisses from Katie.  Hiroo Onoda’s No Surrender.  John S. Burnett’s Where Soldiers Fear to Tread.  Slavomir Rawicz’s The Long Walk.  Joy Harjo’s Crazy Brave.  Eric Greitens’ The Heart and the Fist.  Rye Barcott’s It Happened on the Way to War.  Jon Krakauer’s Into The Wild.  Just to name a few of my favorites that I own.

And I’ve noticed something in each one.  We are all trying to discover our calling in life.  We are all trying to discover what it means to fight for something we believe in.

From the stories of missionaries to military men and women out in the field, they are all warriors in some way.  Some fight with traditional weapons of war, while others fight with love, compassion, expression, and through sharing their lives.  I believe that they are all warriors, fighting for what they believe.

I am currently writing out my story as well.  Journeys, the Adventures of a Nomad.  It’s a simple step in this path of life.  It’s a battle, a struggle.  But it is a window into discovering who I am.

That’s why I read.  That’s why I write.  To reveal the warriors within and to provide a voice for the thoughts in my head.

I think that is why all writers have documented their lives through words on the page.