Happiness and Joy

You can find hundreds of articles across the internet about the secrets to being happy.  There are lists for singles, couples, relationships, marriages, and for being healthy.  But being happy and finding joy can be so much more difficult than following a short list that someone made.

In my journey, I found that there is a stark difference between happiness and true joy that lasts through the darkest of days.

Happiness is the feeling that you get when you watch someone come back from the brink of death.  Joy is knowing that it is still part of God’s plan when the hand that you hold goes cold and death claims the last breath of those we love.

The simple secret is that we may never find eternal happiness in this life.  There are going to be times of darkness, grieving, and pain.  There will be times when the world feels like it is going to crush you beneath the weight of all your doubts, fears, and nightmares.

But through all this, you can still know Joy.

I found joy through faith in God.  I know that no matter what I do, my relationship with God will sustain me.  He has made me who I am, and I am satisfied with His work in my life, both the light and the darkness.

I can be either happy or sad, but I know that deep in my heart that I have found joy.  This is what sustains me.  This is what drives me to continue on.  This is what allows me to continue to live despite the circumstances of the world around me.

Yes, I still get upset.  I still feel sad.  I continuously have doubts.  I am still human with a full range of emotions.  But none of that can overshadow the joy that I hold in my heart.


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