Head Held High

I was hiking out of the Bald Knob Wilderness in the Shawnee National Forest after a long day of clearing out a trail when I noticed something that troubled me:  We were all looking at our feet.

After hiking in almost three miles, cross cutting and lopping limbs for a full day (no power equipment due to it being a Wilderness Area), only to discover that we had been working downhill the entire day, the simple fact is that we were all exhausted.  The trail needed a ton of work, so our footing was never completely sure due to shifting mud, unstable river rocks, and roots that stuck out to entrap our weary feet.

So we all had our heads down, focusing on putting one step in front of the other.

And in doing so, none of us were looking up at the beauty that surrounded us.

Too many times I have found myself watching where the next step will be, making perfectly clear that my feet were placed on the path that God had set before me.  And I missed the beauty that was before me.

It’s human nature to get focused on the little things, so much so that we miss the big picture that envelops our journey.  We miss the beautiful views that are before us, the people, the moments of life that cannot be replaced or duplicated.

We go and go and go until one day we look up and are lost.  We’ve followed the path, but we have no clue where we are.  We don’t understand what surrounds us.  We no longer recognize our place in the chaos of life.

And we shout into the sky: “God?!  Where the [edit] am I?”  We find ourselves saying: “God, I followed your path, but I’m completely lost.” And we blame Him when it’s really our fault.

Have you ever just started walking and trusting that your feet will find the way?  What would it look like if we were to do the same thing and trust God with our feet?  Would we find that we have more time to savor the journey?  Would we finally see the beauty that surrounds us?

It’s something that has to be relearned.  We have to retrain our thoughts and our actions.  And we have to be willing to open our eyes every once in a while.


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