That Which Keeps Me Up At Night

We live in a world that is filled with hate and terror.  For the most part, I believe that the human race is prone to being heroes in times of need.  We were created by God, in the image of God, and, therefore, are born with an innate ability to know right from wrong, good from evil.  And while most people choose the path of love, respect, and kindness, there are a select few who actively choose a different path in life.

I’ve tried, for years, to stay out of politics, current events, and other flashy news stories because I believe that these things are not part of my personal journey, but there are some things that I cannot ignore.  So, on an impulse, I feel that some things need to be addressed.

This post is going to address some harsh realities of our society.  Some of this nature and language addressed is not suitable for young viewers or immature audiences.  If you are easily offended, please read the entire post before coming to conclusions.

Recently, I came across the story of Elliot Rodger.  It’s plastered all over the social media pages and has revealed some sickening evidence of how messed up our society has become.

If you haven’t come across the stories yet, here is a brief synopsis:  This young man posted several threatening videos speaking about “men’s rights” and  that he was frustrated with the fact that he was still a virgin. He stated that he was going to act out against those women who refused to sleep with him.  On Friday night, he allegedly (innocent until proven guilty) shot and killed six women in California and wounded seven others.  (Note: Please go research this for yourself, I am just covering the basics of the story.)

According to one article, our society has taught most American men that they are “entitled to sex and female attention.” It was also stated that the expectation is that “violent misogyny in young men is normal and expected.”

In response to this young man’s videos, I was shocked to find several individuals supporting his outrage and blaming the victims.  One went as far as stating:  “I hope you women see this as a lesson stop being so stuck up and give that one kid some [edit] who never gets [edit] and you might save a life … this nigga couldve saved his life if one of you dumbs [edit] could of given him some sweetness”.

Do you not see the problem?  Since when was it acceptable for a man to expect a woman to have sex with him?  The act of sex is a sacred union between two individuals.  Believing that you have a right to someone else’s sex and attention is wrong even on the most basic of beliefs.

In recent months, there has been a movement to reveal the Rape Culture that our society has fostered.  The idea of “Men’s Rights” is the acknowledgement that rape, the forceful act of sex with a non-willing individual, is acceptable.  This belief is total and complete bulls–t.

The ONLY right that a man has to a woman is to treat her with respect and love.  And to accept the fact that she has a right to walk away.

I know what you’re thinking: I only believe this because of my Faith as a Follower of Christ.  I tell you this, my Atheist friends believe this too.  Feminism and respect know no boundary of faith, creed, or belief.

The problem is that our society is F’d up.  The awareness of this gives us the opportunity to make a change.  It’s unfortunate that events like this have to happen for us to realize that something is seriously wrong.

Believing that, because I am a man, I am superior to women is the same thing that the Nazis stated when they began the proclamation of a superior race.  It is wrong, down to the biological level.

We may be different, but we cannot survive without the other (physically, emotionally, and spiritually).

As men, we need to relearn to treat women with respect.  We need to teach young men the truth about what it means to be a gentleman.  And we need to change the way we respond to our culture and society.


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