Something About Spring (and Love)

The weather is warming up.  The plastic sheeting that insulated the windows have been taken down.  The rain has begun to fall (along with the pollen) and the rivers have begun to swell on their banks.  Storms scatter the dark clouds across the sky and we keep our eyes open and feet swift for that instant that the warnings alarm us to the wrath of nature.  Plants pierce the damp ground beneath our feet, springing forth like a thousand spears that blossom into a million petals of differing colors.  The world is waking from its sleep.

The grasp of winter has seemed to have been broken.  The long nights have shortened, revealing the majesty of creation in new light, as it unfolds before us.

I spent several hours this weekend driving.  On Friday (after a trying week due to a breakdown in communication and weather) I packed my bags and departed from our project site as the sun struggled to rise over the horizon.  I headed down to Atlanta to celebrate by cousin’s wedding.  On the way down, I blasted my music and sang along at the tops of my lungs to love songs.

There’s something about spring that makes us all go crazy.  We sniff too much pollen.  Drink to much water (or lemonade).  And get too much fresh air.  We are through with hibernation and we emerge to a strange world that is sprouting out from dead branches and cold corpses.  It’s spring.  And it’s the season of love.

It’s infectious.  Like a disease.  Or a virus.  A plague.  And once you contract it, you’re no longer the man or woman you once were.  And every year it happens.  Couples holding hands as they walk down the street.  Laughter flowing forth from the park.  Late night kisses on doorsteps beneath the stars.  Then it evolves into dinner dates and movies.  And weddings.

The love songs that I sang along to as I traveled were love songs to God.  I sang along to Group 1 Crew, Sanctus Real, and Kids in the Way (several others were included as well, it was an 8+ hour drive each way).  I’m pretty sure I got some weird looks, but I don’t really cared.

I’m sure you’re wondering what I am rambling about here.  Spring?  Love?  And Worship music?  We can leave springtime out for now and focus the core of my thought process:  Worship music is one of the purest expressions of love.  And if we can learn to love God, then we can learn to love ourselves and others.

Love like I need the rain on dry days like I, need oxygen to make way for my lungs to inhale the air from your atmos-phere here and now I’ll wrap this up and trust I’m not, goin no where you can be my king, and I don’t care who’s watching me, I’m so in love with the way you believe, that I’m worth everything that you gave to be close to me, didn’t matter what it cost your supposed to be, everything that I need to live happily, its no wonder that you got my heart feeling free, now take me away, just take me away, I wanna be lost in you
– Need Your Love, by Group 1 Crew

We can learn a lot about Love from God.  And if we pay attention, we may even be able to show this same love to those around us.

I’ve messed up countless times.  I’ve been too shy, so I never told people that I cared deeply about that I love them.  I’ve been scared of how they will respond.  Too frustrated that the words don’t come out.  I stutter.  I bite my tongue.  I tell myself that they already know.  That my actions are powerful enough.  But I believe that God is just sitting there shaking His head at me.

Love is more than an emotion.  It is more than an expression.  Love is a way of life.

We all know the Bible verses: “Love is patient, love is kind.” (1 Corinthians 13).  And love is so much more.  It is passion.  It is life.  It is the very breath that we breath and every word that comes out of our mouths.

I’ve messed up with that one too.  Love is supposed to consume us, but too many times I find myself angry, frustrated, upset, and concealed by darkness.  We were created to love, called to love, and destined to love.  We must constantly fight for that love, because if we do not wage war against the darkness it will consume us.

Like the plants emerging during spring, we tend to see more examples of love when the weather isn’t as bleak and the world as cold.  We smile more.  Enjoy nature more.  And everyone seems happier.

So, let your heart be full of joy, as mine was as I watched my cousin get married this weekend.  Let the infectious laughter fill your ears and consume your thoughts.  Smile.  And love with reckless abandon because God loves you just as you are.  Broken.


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  1. momocular Said:

    “Love is a way of life.” So much truth in a short sentence! Thank you for this. Looking forward to reading more.

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