When Answers Fail

Black RibbonLate Monday evening, a Corps Member of traditional NCCC at the Southern Region Campus was shot and killed.  The shock of this tragedy has rippled through the traditional Corps, the Campus Staff in Vicksburg, FEMA Corps both on and off campus, and crashed like waves against the ranks of current members, Alumni, and sponsors.

We each response in different ways.  We cry.  We try to find reason.  Seek the company of others.  Focus on the needs of others.

There is no “correct” or “wrong” way to grieve the loss of this young gentleman.

The AmeriCorps community is a family.  Hundreds, if not thousands of individuals have provided their support.  Alumni and sponsors of have poured out their hearts, alongside of countless others.

On Friday, 5 April, hundreds of Alum of AmeriCorps plan to show their support for the Southern Region Campus, the young gentleman’s family, his team and all those that have been affected by this tragedy by wearing the traditional grays and green associated with AmeriCorps NCCC.  Day in Gray.

God Bless and PEACE

(NOTE: I have purposely not included the young mans name out of respect for his family, team, and all those whose lives were changed by his service.)


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