Windshields and Rear View Mirrors

There is a commercial that I saw for the first time yesterday that made me smile and think of this journey of life.  It simply stated that the rear view mirror was created to be small, so that we could see what was behind us, but the windshield in front of us was vast so that we could see everything in front of us.

(NOTE: I believe it was an AARP commercial, but I could not find it, so I cannot be certain)

Throughout my journeys I have discovered that whenever I am looking back, I begin to second guess my actions or I begin to fear that I missed something.  Did I do my best?  What if I didn’t do enough to save someones life?  Did I fail?

If God wanted us to constantly see everything behind us, he would have put eyes in the back of our heads.

We can learn from our past.  We can dissect it, analyze it, and discover what we were in that moment in time.  We can document it, but there is nothing we can do to change what we have done (or didn’t do).

We have a whole world in front of us.  Our journey does not slow down just because we are looking back.  We are constantly moving forwards in our journey, be that towards God or along a different path.  But we are constantly moving, we are never completely still.

If we are not looking ahead, what will we miss when we have our eyes off the road of life?

Just some thoughts this morning…

God Bless and PEACE


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