Who Is FEMA Corps

While serving with AmeriCorps*NCCC – FEMA Corps we have laughed at what people think of us.  We’ve all seen the conspiracy theories and heard the “facts” about our program, but what people often overlook is the fact that we are a bunch of youth out to change the world.

We are comprised of wide-eyed dreamers, hippies, troubled youth, and wandering souls who have come together to find where we fit into this larger picture.

Several weeks ago, we were challenged to answer the question, “What does FEMA Corps mean to you?”  The answers are different for each of us, but we are all here to serve.

The following videos are perfect examples of how diverse this program is:

The first is from Bayou 4, a Community Relations team of unique individuals that reveal the meanings behind service.

Next we have Summit 2, a Public Assistance team.  This is a prime example of how much fun people can have through serving in one of the largest disasters this nation has ever seen.

Last, but not least, we have Summit 5, who blends fun and games in with their work.  I have had the privilege of working beside them on several occasions both here in response to Hurricane Sandy and in the FEMA Region IV Office in Atlanta, GA.

We cannot change the entire world by ourselves, but if we can change the life of a single survivor, we have changed their world.  And so we serve for all our different reasons, each just as diverse as those I have a privilege of standing alongside.

God Bless and PEACE


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