Service, Commitment and the Reasons Why

Just the other night I had an amazing conversation that challenged me to think about everything that I have been doing here in FEMA Corps.  I’ve come to realize that although it’s been a struggle, I would not give this up for anything. 

Service: the action of helping or doing work for someone. 

For me, service is changing someones life.  It doesn’t matter if we get to see the fruits of our labor or not, if the work we do affects the life on a single individual then we are serving. 

We are a society of “here and now” and “immediate results” but so many times we will never see the tangible effects of what we do.  We file away documents into databases that we see as just another pile of files, paper and documents.  What we don’t see are the hundreds of hours that go into pulling this data into a system that shows the history of these disasters, how they were managed, everything that saves lives out in the field. 

I’ve discovered that I will never know the full effect of what I have done and what I will do.  I will never know how many lives I will touch through my journey.  I know this, but to many of “my generation” has not had the opportunity to step back far enough to come to terms with this fact. 

Commitment:  the act of committing, dedication

For me, commitment is something that we pour everything we have into.  It’s something that we give 110% and then more, even if our expectations are not being met. 

Here in FEMA Corps, we have given a ten month commitment to service.  We may not enjoy the work we are doing, but we continue to serve because that is what we came here to do.  We may be having issues within the team, but we work through them because we are striving to build ourselves and each other into leaders. 

We all came here for different reasons.  Some of us wanted the experience.  Others the education award.  The opportunities to work with FEMA.  The personal growth.  And others came here because they had nowhere else to go. 

Each of us has a different definition of Service and Commitment and a different reason of why, but we are all here together.  I know, wherever we go in life, be it in Emergency Management, Disaster Response, the Missions Field, School, wherever your feet and heart lead you, we will face challenges, but it is our drive and commitment to serve that will define who we will become. 

God Bless and PEACE


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