Released Into the Night

A week ago we left the hollowed training grounds of Anniston, AL and scattered across the nation.  The night before we departed, the Team Leaders (TLs) gathered for an evening of reflection, encouragement, and release of all the stress that had come between us over the 11 weeks of training. 

Put on by none other than Carolanne (above), we each had the opportunity to cover a floating lantern with words of encouragement, frustration, and release before we ventured out, away from the 210+ Corps Members (CMs), to release them from our control. 

After a short reflection that reminded us of how much we relied and will continue to rely on one another, we lit the fires and watched as 22 lanterns lifted into the air (the 21 TLs and one of our Unit Leaders (ULs) that had become a part of our team).

In releasing the lanterns into the sky, we released all of our stress, our frustrations with one another, all our disappointments and dreams.  We let them go, soaring into the sky and watched as they rose into the darkness.

As they became pinpoints and eventually disappeared from sight, we stood there as a single team, a family undivided.  Nothing can get in the way of the love that we have for one another, and after two months of living with them, no matter how much they irritate me, I know that I could not continue on without them at my side. 

God Bless and PEACE


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