The Way

We are all going somewhere.  We have a destination or we wander until we discover where our feet have taken us.  Sometimes we arrive, only to leave once again.  We remember the journey, the adventures and the struggles that brought us to our destinations. 

Early Christians were called the Followers of the Way.  They lived life following God in everything they did.  They were always journeying with God. 

So many times we lose focus on what life is all about.  We tell ourselves that we live just to die.  As Christians we are so focused on life after death that we forget where we actually are.  Life is not about the destination, but the journey that surrounds us. 

Over the past couple years I have spent hours upon hours traveling over roads, air and trails.  At times I find myself focusing on where I am going that I almost forget where I am, whats around me and where I have been. 

In my journey with God, I have to constantly refocus and remind myself at where I am.  I want to know whats ahead, but many times I find that I can’t figure out where to put my feet because I am searching to far. 

The way is not where we are going, it is where we are.  God is the way, not just the destination. 

Life is not about dying to party in heaven, but to live life with God in the present.  God is here and now, don’t overlook where he can be found in our lives. 

God Bless and PEACE


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  1. Reuben Said:

    The early Christians were, I think, even more focused on the end of the journey than we are today: look at the consistent emphasis on the resurrection in the New Testament. However, we today have largely forgotten that Christianity is about anything other than heaven. Francis Schaeffer said (in “Death in the City”) that many Christians he knew acted as if they came into contact with the supernatural twice in their lives: once when they were justified and once when they died.

    I don’t wish to contradict your insightful piece here, but I think saying “Life is not about the destination, but the journey that surrounds us” is going a bit too far. A journey is, by definition, about the destination–otherwise, it’s mere wandering. Though you’re quite right that we shouldn’t forget where we are. In fact, if we forget where we are we aren’t being Christian.

    We’re supposed to journey in light of our destination. The destination informs every part of our journey. The best way I can think of to sum it up is, “God is in charge of the destination; we’re in charge of ordering our steps in light of what we know of Him.” Steer by the compass. You can only steer where you are.

    I may be babbling.

    Several things you’ve said on your blog recently have reminded me of the Catholic concept of “status viatoris,” the state of being on the way. You’re probably at least a little familiar with it from your Catholic background, but if you’re not, here’s a brief (somewhat incomplete) explanation:

    I recommend the book that except is from, Josef Pieper’s “Death and Immortality,” although it’s pretty hard to find a copy.

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