Heroes in the Jaws of Hell

By now we have all heard the stories, seen the images of the fires that are consuming the west.  First it was the Whitewater-Baldy Complex Fire in the Gala National Forest Reserve that consumed almost 300,000 acres, the largest fire in the history of New Mexico.  Then came the firestorm that hit the State of Colorado. 

The focus has been the Waldo Canyon Fire that burns just west of Colorado Springs.  The most destructive wildland fire in the States history, it has consumed 17,000+ acres and 346 homes, displacing aprox. 32,000 individuals from communities surrounding Co. Springs, including the Air Force Academy. 

Dozens more litter the land, burning in the wilderness, along roads and in our own backyards. 

Fires burn across the state and while our focus has been on the destruction and devastation left by the flames, thousands of men and women stand before the flames.  These heroes do not wield weapons designed to kill, but they are called with little notice to protect and serve just the same.  These are our Wildland Fire Fighters. 

They stand before the walls of flames digging containment lines.  They are the ones that hike into the wilderness to work 16 hour days in the harshest of conditions.  As we run, they can be seen moving in the other direction, into the jaws of Hell itself. 

Take a moment today and thank them for their courage, bravery, and willingness to serve.  Pray for their safety and strength, because in the land of the free and the home of the brave, these men and women are our unspoken heroes.  May God watch over them and return them to the ones they love.

God Bless and PEACE


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