Fun in the Surf

One of the greatest parts of the beach (imho) is the adventure of kayaking in the surf.  Years ago, we bought my dad two 8 foot sit-on-top ocean kayaks that we fell in love with.  A few years after that, he went out and acquired another two thinner, 10 foot sit-on-tops and a 16-foot tandem ‘banana boat’.  We have enjoyed the kayaks throughout the years and look forwards to riding the waves in each day.

 Many of us (like my father and brother) like to paddle out beyond the breaking point of the waves and relax before crashing into the shore.  I could easily fall asleep out in the rolling waves, bobbing up and down, until I would finally drift close enough to the shore.

 The trick about ridding the waves is timing.  You want to catch the wave right as it is breaking, riding it from either the top (crashing downwards) or from the bottom (as the waves crash around you).  Others may have differing opinions, but it is the beach, so I guess there is more than one way to skin a cat. 

 Unfortunately, none of us are really heavy enough to weigh down the back of the banana boat, so most of us end up flipping and crashing the tandem boat.  There have been some good runs as several of us have managed to ride the waves in together with some luck, skill and a bit of patience.

 Each of us has our own reasons for loving these boats.  Some of it is the thrill of the crashing waves.  The danger of flipping and injury.  The fellowship that comes with riding together.  The fun and laughter.  And a little bit of peer pressure is involved. 

 But it’s not all about the waves.  Some of us just enjoy the down time at the beach to relax and enjoy a good book. 

God Bless and PEACE


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