I Was Born in the Wrong Time

Renaissance Festivals are always interesting events to go to.  They bring an odd assortment of individuals.  You have the fantasy characters that show up in armor, with fairy wings, tails and an odd assortment of weapons.  Then you have the pirates that show up.  You get the people in full suits of armor, decked out with battle axes, swords and maces.  You find those that dress up as royalty, pheasants, men at arms and court jesters. 

 Hundreds of individuals search through vendors tent’s as they sell replica ad battle ready weapons, artwork and clothing of the era.  There is good food, interesting shows, entertainment and, as always, good times for all. 

 One of the largest crowd gathering specials is the armed combat.  Entertainers wield blades as they circle one another and put on a show.  Knights in shining armor ride against one another in the joust.  Swords flash and lances shatter, even though no blood is spilt on the grounds.

 While it is all fun and games, one of my favorite parts of the Ren. Fest. is the musicians.  Between guitars and violins, singing and dancing, the sound of music echos throughout the shaded paths that intertwined throughout the faire grounds. 

 It makes me believe that I may have been born in the wrong century.  Though I did not dress up for the Tennessee Renaissance last weekend, I enjoyed every moment of it. 

 God Bless and PEACE


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