The Strength of a Mother

While aboard the M/V Africa Mercy, one of the day workers told me that my mother must be a strong woman.  According to the West African saying, “A mothers strength can be seen in the courage of her children.”  If this is so, I have the strongest mother. 

My brother, upon his 18th birthday, joined the volunteer fire department.  He’s gone on many trips overseas and throughout Central and South America, many times without knowing exactly where he will end up.  He just graduated and will soon depart on his own adventures. 

My sister, the mother of two amazing, ten month old twins.  Days after she gave birth to my niece and nephew, they were evacuated out of Minot, ND due to the flood, which flooded their basement.  She has faced several battles throughout this past year and faced each of them with a courage and strength that can only come from a mother. 

And then there’s me.  Always on the move.  Never in one place for very long.  Africa.  Mercy Ships.  AmeriCorps.  Wildland Firefighting.  My mother has seen me through it all, even though she rarely sees me on my journeys. 

My courage comes from the strength that my mother has provided these past 24 years.  Without her willingness to let me explore and her encouragement to leap into the unknown I would never have done many of the things I’ve done, nor would I be where I currently am. 

My mother was the one who always told us to leap.  God will soften your landing or teach you to fly. 

Remember the courage that your mother instilled in you.  Your courage is her strength. 

God Bless and PEACE


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