Standing on the Edge

What happens when you discover yourself standing at a crossroad, after you have followed through with the plan that God laid out before you and now you don’t know where to turn to next?  When you feel like your standing on a cliff, looking out over the vast space of possibilities, how do you know where God is calling you next?  Where do we turn when our hearts are pulling us in a hundred different directions? 

There is no answer that I can give that will shed light on God’s plan for your life.  There is no secrete formula in life that will guide your feet.  It’s all about standing there and being able to silence all your thoughts so that you can not only hear God, but feel Him guiding your feet. 

I don’t like the feeling of being still.  All my life, it’s been constantly moving.  From one place to the next with barely any rest. 

To stand still is difficult.  To surround myself with silence is a challenge.  It’s usually when I’m trying to fall asleep that I finally am able to quiet myself enough to hear God speaking. 

When we are standing on the edge, we must put all our trust into God.  Sometimes, we just need to shut up and take that next step, trusting that God will either put a bridge under our feet, give us a soft landing, or teach us to fly (yes, shout out to my mothers favorite quote). 

God doesn’t always tell us that there is only one path for our life, He gave us free will and a choice to make us happy.  You can serve God on the missions field, the classroom, on the street corners, in our homes or wherever makes you happy.  Sometimes, God doesn’t care which road we take, as long as He is the final destination.  He just wants us to continue moving. 

 Just some thoughts…

God Bless and PEACE


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