Who Are You?

I have been called Yovo, Mzungu, Lion and tall one.  Artist, Christian, Barbarian and Friend.  I am the son of a warrior and the adopted son of the King.  I am a missionary, a humanitarian and a wanderer who found his way home.  I am not perfect, a thousand scattered pieces somehow put back together in a beautiful, broken way. I am both the darkness that threatens to consume me and the light of hope that comes from faith. 

To put everything that we are into a single word is difficult and a few simple words just doesn’t capture everything we are.  We look at our lives and we see so many things that make us who we are.  From our beliefs and thoughts to our actions and convictions. 

We call ourselves Christians, but so many times we find ourselves asking if we are truly living the life Christ calls us to live.  We say we are Catholic, Baptist, Presbyterian, Non-Denominational but we find that we cannot be defined by a Religion. 

We call ourselves so many different things, but if we really want to know who we are we need to listen to how others describe us.  You may not enjoy or agree with everything that they say, but you may discover something about yourself. 

Just some thoughts…

God Bless and PEACE


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