Tell Her That She’s Beautiful

There is a disturbing trend that is invading the internet that stems from insecurities, lack of support, and our societies view of women.  Videos of young girls posted online asking the world a question that eats away at them, day after day.  “Am I beautiful?” 

Almost two years ago, I startled a young lady when I greeted her with “Hey beautiful.”  It was something simple, but it made such an impact. 

I have a theory that if we, as Christian men, constantly reminded our sisters that they are beautiful, through both words and actions, they would not be asking themselves if they were beautiful.  They would already know. 

But yet, here we are watching these girls, young women ask the world the question that burns at their soul.  It’s sad to see them questioning the beauty that God gifted them with, but it’s worse to see the responses that they have gotten.  Some of these comments I wouldn’t even say to an enemy, let alone to someone I have never met. 

These girls are looking for someone to tell them that they are beautiful and who will step up to tell them that they are?  Who will enter their lives and tell them that they are beautiful no matter what?

Just some thoughts…

God Bless and PEACE



  1. chris9911 Said:

    I actually had a similar thought when I saw that article on Yahoo news. It made me wonder what their family life is like…

  2. Anonymous Said:

    you startled her because she thought you were hitting on her.

    • stkerr Said:

      hmmm… could be, but i dont think so. it was the first time in four years that someone told her that she was beautiful (she is also a good friend)

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