Ash and Dust

Today is Ash Wednesday.  The beginning of Lent and the coming of the death of Christ on the cross.  It is a time of sacrifice where many of us will give up certain items that take us away from God.  Some will abandon Facebook, others will write and post a blog every day, and yet others will give up certain foods from sweets and chocolates to various forms of sugar and other tasty treats. 

It is a somber time when people prepare themselves for the annual remembrance of the ultimate sacrifice.  Yet, so many times we forget the simple fact that God is not dead.  Yes, Jesus died on the cross, but He rose again, conquering death. 

There is a Catholic tradition of receiving ashes at the beginning of Lent in remembrance of how His death should have been our own.  We have died in Christ through our baptism in Him, the ashes are a reminder of that death. 

Although we died with Jesus through our baptism, we have also risen with Him from that death.  And although we are remembering his death through these ashes and our bodies will eventually return to the dust of this world, it is the conquering of death that will bring us life. 

Just a thought….

God Bless and PEACE


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