Let me tell you about Daniel.  Daniel is a four and a half-year old child who lives in the hillside community of Siabona in Uganda with his mother, father and nine other siblings.  Both his mother and father are day laborers, meaning that they work when work is available, and many times that means coming home at the end of the day after waiting for someone to offer a job, nothing in hand.  For the longest time, he spent his days carrying water for his family, gardening and caring for the other children in his household.  He enjoys playing with cars, telling stories and walking. 

His life used to be filled with wondering if his parents were going to make enough money that day to bring home enough food for the family.  I don’t know if his siblings helped in brining in some of the money by venturing out into the markets, onto the streets of the cities.  I don’t know where he got his water or even if it was clean.  His house is most likely adobe walls with a thatch roof and a dirt floor, like most homes in his area of the world. 

His life changed just over a year ago when Compassion International stepped in.  My parents sponsored Daniel in my name for Christmas a year ago and he has been a blessing in my life ever since.  It isn’t about the fact that each month, there is a donation that provides Daniel and his family food, medical and spiritual support.  It isn’t about the good feeling you get when you know that this child is now cared for. 

It’s about the opportunity to know that you changed the life of a child, possibly taking him or her off the streets.  It’s about knowing that this child is loved and cared for.  It’s about the personal relationship that develops through the exchange of letters, pictures and prayers. 

There are thousands of kids that have been sponsored by normal, every day people like you and me.  God calls us to take care of His children, both here in our own back yard and throughout the world.  There are thousands more waiting to be sponsored, to have their lives changed as someone steps in and cares for them. 

Last week, the local Christian Radio Station, WayFM, shared the stories of their trip over to Asia.  There they witnessed the hardships that these children face.  Poverty that leads to child labor, abductions, prostitution and a life out on the streets because there is not enough money to provide food.  Along with Compassion, they spent the week trying to get 2,000 children sponsored off of the At-Risk Children List

Hundreds were sponsored, but there are still thousands of children waiting to be sponsored, many of these children have been waiting months for someone to step in and change their lives. 

Daniel has brought me joy through some of the darkest times.  I carry the letters he has sent with me everywhere I go.  I read them often and pray for him each day.  I pray for those children who have yet to be sponsored. 

God Bless and PEACE


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