Dangerous Wonder

We live in a world filled with danger.  On the news we read of war.  An officer killed in a shooting.  A man entering a bank/restaurant with a gun.  Children taken from their homes.  Fires burning down homes.  Youth taking up stones.  Churches speaking out in anger.  We look around and see signs that warn of electrical hazards, explosives, poison, and chemical reactions.  But there is a danger that nobody wants to talk about: the danger of giving your life over to God. 

I’ve been know to say “The most dangerous place to be is in the palm of God’s hand.”  He doesn’t call us to live safely on the sidelines, but calls us to areas in the world that are not safe to be.  War zones and areas of darkness (sometimes both). 

Our faith is dangerous.  It is our weapon and our shield.  When you think of warriors, you don’t expect to see the man on his knees before the Lord.  We want to envision men with guns, combat knives, swords and covered in scars. 

I was once told that if you were not persecuted for being a Christian, then you are doing something wrong.  Not just made fun of, but persecuted.  Humiliated.  Put in danger.  Killed. 

Is this something we really want to teach our children?  Is this something we, as Christians, want to talk about?  Here in our society, we like to be safe.  Save for the future.  Make ready your retirement.  Well, when you walk with Christ, the only retirement you will ever get is heaven. 

God is beautiful.  His work is amazing, but we never really appreciate it until we walk through the fires and battlefields of life.  We can never really appreciate the sunrise until we feel the darkness creep around us, reaching out to consume us.  We can never really appreciate this life that God has given to us until we stare death in the face and continue living. 

If we live out the faith, we cannot be complacent with living safely. 

God Bless and PEACE


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