In Memory

I’ve had this window open all day, trying to find the right words to describe a life that I held so dear.  This morning I received a call informing me that a life on this earth had come to an end, that the angels were rejoicing in heaven. 

For several weeks we have been watching and waiting as my Great Aunt Arline has fought against a cancer that was taking her life.  She refused therapy and the past several days have been rough as she has slowly slipped away from this life. 

In her last days, my mother was able to stand beside her, sharing the love from the rest of the family.  She helped to provide comfort for Aunt Arline in her last days with us, as well as providing the rest of us with the comfort of knowing that the ones we love were in good hands. 

In her final days, Aunt Arline shared with my mom that the angels were more beautiful than she imagined.  She was ready to return into the hands of God, to stand side by  side with my grandmother in the presence of God. 

This morning, she passed from this world to continue her journey with God.  Her faith gave her the strength to persevere through this life and will continue to give her strength in the next. 

Although she is no longer physically with us, she will remain with us in our hearts and in who we are, for she has impacted our lives with her love and compassion.  May she always watch over us. 

In memory of Aunt Arline, you will forever be remembered. 

God Bless and PEACE


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  1. Anonymous Said:


    This is a beautiful tribute to and obviously beautiful lady. I would like to have met her. Remember that we too can rejoice that she is with the Father, though we will mourn in our earthly plain. And, her faith should be the example of the faith we should all have; looking forward to join the Lord and our loved ones who are in Heaven waiting. A faith you apparently share with her.
    For you and your family, may the “the peace of God, which transcends all understanding” (Phil 4:7) be yours for the comfort it affords.

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