The Power of God

We put so much emphasis on the forces of darkness that occupy the spiritual realms.  They seep into the physical world and invade our thoughts.  We obsess over witch doctors and voodoo priests in Africa, paganism and atheists in our own back yards, wondering if they have more power than our faith in God. 

I find myself wondering why we are even asking.  When we rise up from underneath the waters of Baptism, we are reborn with the Spirit of God.  We are born again with the faith that comes out of the blood that Christ shed on the cross for each of us. 

Throughout the old testament, God’s power and wrath can be seen clearer than day.  Cities fall before His power, walls collapse, flames are called down from heaven, nations burn and the sun stands still in the sky.  A bear mauls a group of children and waters part before His chosen people. 

The ground shakes.  The sky goes dark.  The curtain is torn down the middle.  And the sins of man rests on the shoulders of one man killed for us all. 

And yet, we still wonder if there is something else we should be more concerned with. 

When we rise up and put on the armor of God, nothing can stand in our way.  There will be trials and conflicts, but God will lead our feet if we let Him.  If we open our eyes, we may see that He is still working in our world. 

Yes, there is power that opposes us.  There is power in what we call ‘witchcraft’ and magic.  It is the power of darkness that has entered the hearts of many.  We give power to these powers when we believe that they are greater than the light that is in each of us. 

In Uganda, we saw and felt the power of belief.  Many still believe in the old ways of traditional medicine and remedies.  Of prayers to ancestors and dark spirits of the land.  We saw how the poor would still go to the local witch doctor, because that is what their fathers did before them and their fathers before them.  They gave him power because they still believe. 

Darkness cannot exist in the light.  Within each of us, we hold the flames of the Spirit and carry God’s light out into the world with us.  We have the strength to stand and reveal what hides in the depths of our own fears because our faith in the cross. 

Demons fled before Jesus in fear.  His followers had the faith to drive them out as well.  So, where do we fall short? 

If we truly believe, we too can drive out the demons that haunt our dreams and ride our fears.  But when we take a stand, we become targets in the field of battle.  Are we willing to take that risk? 

Jesus died to set us free.  The liest we can do with this faith He has bestowed upon us is to take a stand.  To be a light within the darkness of this world. 

So, will we be warriors that God called us to be?  Or will we abandon our faith in the cross for something else lurking in the shadows? 

Just some thoughts…

God Bless and PEACE



  1. Reuben Said:

    Thank you for this, Sean. Jesus in John 9:5 said that He is the light of the world, while He remains in the world. Then in Matthew 5:14, He says that WE are the light of the world. Now that’s He’s gone, we are the light. “I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness.” – John 12:46

    An interesting thing, have you ever seen the darkness push back the light of a candle, snuffing out the flame?

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