Hurry Up and Wait

All throughout my experience in AmeriCorps we would rush off to the next project, next site, the next meeting only to wait some more.  It seems like this is what we do every day, hurry up and wait.  We are told to do something now, but to do it we must wait for something else.  It’s a vicious cycle that claims the sanity of many individuals around the world. 

It’s not that bad actually.  It gives us a chance to breathe.  A chance to catch up on our thoughts. 

In a society where we are constantly running around, at times it is hard to slow down and actually notice what’s around us.  Or more importantly, right in front of us. 

Just as in life, sometimes we stop and notice that God is no longer telling us to go this way or do that, but sometimes He is telling us to stop and wait.  To listen.  To be still. 

Sometimes where you are is exactly where God needs you.  Exactly where he can use you the most. 

God tells us to wait so that He can work through us, within us, or show us something or someone.  Maybe we are in the right place to finally understand what God has in store for us.  Or maybe he just wants us to breath. 

So when God tells you to wait, don’t be afraid of what it means.  Just wait and see what He has in store for you.  For all you know, it could change your life. 

God Bless and PEACE


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