Roadblocks and Detours

There are times when I’ve felt like nothing was ever going to work out.  When everything I tried to do, God stepped in and guided me in a different direction.  When I was forced to wait, instead of rushing headlong into what I thought I wanted to do.  Instead of peering down the road of life, God has been teaching me to watch where I place each footstep.  One painful step at a time, one after another. 

When I first started following God, I thought that ment the road would be easy, that all the stumbling blocks would be removed.  That I could go sprinting down this road focused on what was ahead.  But God slowly taught me to focus on Himself, and not where I wanted to go. 

I was an alternate for a Residential Advisor (RA) position that I really wanted.  I thought that God wanted me in a position to lead, but I soon realized he was placing me beside leaders to teach me how to be a leader.  A few weeks after I was informed I was an alternate for the RA position, I got the call telling me that I got the position. 

The next year, after thinking that this was where God wanted me, I did not receive the RA position again.  Neither did I receive a leadership position in one of the campus ministries that I applied to.  Looking back, I realize that God was showing me that all leaders must humble themselves and learn to follow before they are capable of leading others. 

The summer between my sophomore and junior years, I traveled to Uganda with an amazing group of individuals.  The journey to get there was filled with trials and setbacks, starting months before we stepped foot on the red soil of Africa.  A friend and I spent weeks researching different organizations and made hundreds of phone calls and interviews, only to be turned away.  It wasn’t an accident stumbling upon Akia-Ashianut and serving at the Agule Community Health Center alongside 11 other college students for those four weeks. 

Again, I was put on the waitlist as an alternate to be a Corps Member with AmeriCorps*NCCC before I left last summer on my journey with Mercy Ships and the M/V Africa Mercy.  I spent most of those three months wondering what I was going to do with the rest of my life before I received the call (well, e-mail) informing me that I was going to be in Class XVII of the NCCC. 

While I desperately wanted the position, I again became an alternate for the Fire Management Team.  And as I fell in love and found my place among my own team, I was called up to the Fire Management Team due to situations out of my own control.  From there, as we were put on our shuffle round teams, we all thought that we would be going back to the teams that had become our families, but again, life and God had other plans.  Deployed on disaster response, these strangers were now our team and family.  I wasn’t going back to the team that I fought to get onto.

God worked, and still works, in mysterious ways as I learned to trust and follow Him. 

This road we travel on is filled with trials and difficulties, but many times we see roadblocks and detours as more difficulties, until we look back and realize that God was always leading us on where we needed to go.  The roadblocks and detours were just God getting us back on track after we wandered off on our own. 

God is the lamp that guides our feet, but If we are to focused on where we are going we will stumble and lose our way.  Trust God with all the small decisions and he will guide you where you are called to go. 

God Bless and PEACE


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