In the Land of Legends

Last Week, I began my journey through Ireland.  At one time called the Island of Monks and Scholars, it is a land overflowing with stories, legends and rich in history.  It is a mystic place filled with ruins, mystery and the unknown. 

Although Ireland’s recent past has been filled with violence and bloodshed, ancient sites across the island have been preserved and remain a reminder of times past. 

Wherever you look, you can see the influence of the Christian Religion and the faith of those that lived within these hollowed grounds. 

Memorials line the roads, honoring men who fell to violence in the Great War (WWI), World War II, fights for freedom and independence, as well as struggles between brothers. 

The land, as a whole, remains as it once was.  At times, one feels like you have been drawn into a dream, the past come to life, as the simpleness of the land remains unbroken by time. 

Legends of giants, warriors and heroes shape the landscape.  It is in this history that we find simple truths long forgotten by the minds of men. 

God Bless and PEACE


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