The Gypsy Soul

There are some that were born to constantly wonder, to never settle down and grow old in one place.  We look out and see vagabonds, hitch-hikers, adventurers and those that seem to have lost their way from the well trodden path.  People wonder how they can live, constantly moving from place to place, always on the move. 

Growing up as an Army Brat, I got used to packing everything up and moving from state to state ever couple of years.  The summer before my Freshman year of high school, I made my sixth move.  From there, I went to college down in South Carolina, then headed out to Colorado with AmeriCorps NCCC.  Each summer, I made my way to different camps and missions trips, from Upper State New York to both East and West Africa.  I’ve traveled to Honduras and Spain, and will soon be heading north to Ireland. 

I look at friends who still live in the same city as where they were born, who have barely ventured more than 100 miles from their homes, and I wonder how they live.  I guess they ask themselves the same about me. 

I thrive on the unknown, the adventure, the open road.  To experience life, one must explore the world around them.  Each adventure is another page in the story, each road another sentence, and when we see something that we’ve never seen before, that is another scene in our lives. 

I’ve seen and experienced many things throughout my travels, each of them shaping me into the man I have become.  For me to continue to grow, I must continue to move and experience more in this life. 

It’s difficult returning to the place I once knew, to the people who have changed.  Though I call it home, I know the only place that will ever feel right is following the path set out in front of me. 

A friend once told me that I had the soul of a Gypsy, the spirit of the Romani people.  Though I don’t believe I share the bloodline of these people, I know I have a heart that urges me to continue exploring and experiencing the world around me.

God Bless and PEACE


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  1. Right on!

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