When Trouble Rises

In the past ten months of service, I’ve experienced the explosive power of tornadoes after responding to both the Good Friday Tornadoes in St. Louis and the Joplin Tornado a month later.  In both instances, wind ripped apart everything in its path, trees pulled from the ground, and tossing cars through the air.  The damage in Joplin was explosive. 

About five weeks ago, the river in Minot, ND overflowed its banks and sent water spilling into the streets, flooding houses, basements and, eventually, a good chunk of the community.  I traveled up to help repair the damage in my sisters basement after five feet of water seeped in. 

Part of me expected the explosive damage that I got used to seeing from disaster response to tornadoes.  Unlike the damage that I’ve seen, the damage caused by flood waters is more long term.  All around us, we saw shells of houses, gutted and ripped apart from the inside.  The waters rot away almost everything taht it touches, cracking foundations and warping wood.  Everything, walls, floors, personal items, must be ripped out and thrown away.

Flood damage is a slow rotting away from the inside, not unlike a cancer.  If it isn’t ripped out, everything will collapse inwards on itself. 

Throughout the past several days, I helped repair the damage done, using some of what I learned as a Corps Member in AmeriCorps NCCC, but mostly continuing to learn as I worked alongside my brother-in-law and father. 

God Bless and PEACE



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