Can We Walk Away From This?

Throughout these past ten months, the members of AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC) based out of Denver have come together as teams, families and friends.  We have grown to love and care for one another through serving side by side, gathering as community and experiencing the world with new eyes together. 

Our paths part ways on Friday morning, as we graduate and go our separate ways.  Some of us are hoping to come back to the AmeriCorps family as TLs, members of other programs, or as alumni.  Others will move on to school, other jobs, or wander through life looking back with a smile.  There will be some people we will keep up with, others will fade away, while a select few we may have the honor of serving beside yet again. 

As the campus has been preparing itself for departure, many individuals are asking themselves if they can actually depart from this program.  This has become our lives.  These people have become our families. 

The other night, one CM stated:

As much as I need to be home, how am I supposed to walk away from the people I’ve spent every waking minute with for the past 10 months? How does that just… happen?

This statement has echoed across campus in the past couple days.  Individuals are wondering if they have the strength to return to their past lives, to leave behind their friends and the life that they have come to know and love. 

After what we have been through, after all the friends that we have made, after all these experiences, we cannot just turn our backs and walk away from all of this.  We have been changed.  We are no longer those individuals you once knew ten months ago, when we all came trickling onto campus. 

To walk away from this would be to cease to acknowledge that these past ten months ever existed.  We would be turning our backs on who we have become, all the friends we have made and all the lessons learned.  We would be throwing away all the experiences that have shaped us, all the struggles, difficulties, and bad times, as well as all that which was good. 

It is simple, we cannot walk away from this.  We will carry these past ten months of service throughout our lives.  They will always be held within our hearts, minds and souls as we part paths with one another.  We will take these experiences back home, to our next job, throughout our years, always looking back on them. 

And as we pack, we must take the time to cherish everything that we have learned…

God Bless and PEACE


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