Landscape of Scars

Today, as we traveled out of Texas and through New Mexico, we passed through some areas that had been scorched by wildfires.  Just south of the Colorado border, along the side of I-25, trees and soil had been turned black by the flames that passed by several weeks before.  You could see how the fire had changed the landscape for years to come. 

Every action leaves its mark on our lives.  Just as each fire burns through the landscape, taking the life and turning it black, each of our actions leaves its mark on who we are.  It may not be as drastic as burning the skin or changing us physically, but deep within each of us, we have changed. 

For the several hundred Corps Members at the Denver Campus of AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC), our lives have been shaped and formed by the last ten months of service.  We have worked side by side with one another, worked with sponsors and site supervisors, argued, fought and tried not to kill one another.  Each day was a struggle and a challenge.

These past ten months have made us into who we are. 

Like the landscape that we passed on our journey back to Denver, our lives are a patchwork of scars.  Some of them have come from simple words, others from experiences with people, teams and individuals, still others from life’s experience. 

Looking back on life, we can all see what makes us who we are.  Unlike the scars from the wildfires, we are the only ones that can see everything that makes us what we have become.  Nobody knows the things that we faced in our lives.  They may never know. 

When we look back on our lives, on our experiences, and the lives and experiences of others we must remember these hidden scars that few will ever see.  Be aware of them, acknowledge them, respect them, for they are part of who we are. 

God Bless and PEACE


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