Snippets and Snap-Shots

The past three days, Sun 6 and Earth 2 (AmeriCorps NCCC teams based out of Denver, CO) has been on the ground in St. Louis, MO.  We have been working beside the St. Louis Emergency Response Team (ERT), as well as AmeriCorps Washington, in partnership with All Hands Volunteers and the United Way to do clean up and debree removal. 

Yesterday, we helped clear the yard of a woman whom had four of her five trees fall.  Fortunately, none of them hit her house.  She considers herself blessed and extremely lucky. 

We finished the day less than a block from where we are being housed, clearing more large trees and debree from some yards.  The house where we were working had half of its roof ripped off from the wind, and it is now scattered across several properties (and piled on the side of the road). 

Today, we continued working with UM Corps (a group with the United Methodists) in tree removal and clearing.  When they arrived at the house they were working with, they could not see the shed behind, nor the studio behind that, because a rather large tree (3-4 feet at the base) was now resting on the roof, its branches reaching all the way to the ground. 

As they began cutting limbs, we began to see the structures underneath, including the swing set, dog kennel, and the fence.  By the time they called it quits (because a 16 inch bar can only cut so much) most of the structure had been revealed and the extent of the damage began to be seen. 

Tomorrow (hopefully) another team will come in with some heavy equipment, larger saws and more manpower to finish removing the trunk from the roof and side of the building. 

Just in the past couple days, we have seen so much destruction, heard so many stories and moved hundreds, if not thousands of chunks of wood to the road.  It seems like so much has been done here, but we know we are just starting our work here. 

In time, this city will begin to heal. 

God Bless and PEACE


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