Disaster, Panic and Stupidity

Warning:  I usually do not get into politics on this blog, but I believe there are times when we cannot stand silent.  Late tonight (8 April) the U.S. Government finally announced that it will not be shut down due to petty differences between political parties.  I wanted to share some words and thoughts on this topic.  This is a rant.  If you do not agree, I respect that.  I do not want to argue, let me vent. 

The budget has been slowly pushed back for months, finally, we realized that it was time to stop ignoring the problem and face it.  Too bad we have not realized that we needed to do this almost half a year ago. 

It is historic, but at the same time it’s rather sad and pathetic.  They say that we are now saving billions of dollars, but why couldn’t they decide this when the original due date was upon them.  They were more concerned about their political standing and how they look in front of the voters. 

Think about it; In school, if you decide that a paper is to difficult and tell the teacher to push the due date back the day that it is due, over and over again, you do not get an applause when you finally get around to it, you get a big fat ‘F’.  That is what our government deserves, a giant fail. 

We, as citizens of this great nation, should not have to panic and stress over the bickering of the older generations in power over us.  We have political figures who are more concerned about getting re-elected, proving a point, or proving that they can keep their promise of forcing others to break theirs.  They do not compromise. 

As the youth of this nation, we need to take a stand against the stupidity of this system.  Tonight, they didn’t even get a budget to be agreed on, they got another stop-gap.  Now, next week, we will face the same situation.  Where does it stop?  It stops when someone takes a stand.  When a generation finally tells them to stop. 

We have troops overseas who are told that if the men who run their government don’t get their act together, they get a pay cut, then they lose the benefits that they are fighting and dying for.  It’s not a slap in the face, it’s a big fat middle finger.  Is this what we elected these men for?

They fight over political standing.  They point fingers at each other.  “It’s not our fault that they wouldn’t change their ways!”  Each side shouts accusingly.  They wouldn’t bow on abortion / defense / pay cuts / whatever.  They couldn’t put aside their own agendas and focus on keeping the American people above water.  No, they are not concerned about the voters, they are just out there trying to prove that it isn’t their fault. 

What must we look like to the rest of the world?  The country that spends what they don’t have?  The people who have no voice because the lawmakers do not listen? 

When will we learn to put aside our differences and begin to work together?  When will we learn to accept the fact that we may be wrong?  When will we learn to live with one another? 

I speak of revolution.  Of a youth that no longer accepts, but who take a stand for what they believe in, for what is right, and for what is the greater good for this country.  I speak of Christians standing side by side with Muslims, Jews and atheists.  Of an American future that is not split between ideologies and political lines.  Of a future generation that stands for one another. 

We cannot keep going on like this.  We cannot allow ourselves and our country men to be walked all over, to be treated like silent, dumb animals. 

We have a responsibility to stand.  To have a voice.  Don’t let anyone take that away from you.

[This concludes my ranting and raving.  I do not agree with our current system of government because it has been taken over by men and women who no longer act in the best interest of the people who elected them.  That is all that I will say on this subject for now.]

God Bless and PEACE


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