Humility and the Face of Fear

A couple of weeks ago, I found myself asking the difference between confidence and arrogance, but ended up finding something so much bigger than a simple question.  I didn’t find my own strength.  Nor did I find a greater purpose.  I found myself humbled.  Before myself and before God, I found myself broken. 

Humility is not something that can easily be explained in words, but a good friend and brother pointed out the best definition that I have ever heard:

[Humility is] finding your worth in God alone, not in talents, achievements or skills.
   – Reuben

As Christians, we find our worth in God.  In His eyes, it doesn’t matter if we are the best artist, writer, speaker.  He doesn’t care if we made the good grades in school, if we become rich, or if we have the ability to lead others. 

In all the worldly things, we will never find our worth.  And as human beings, that is our biggest fear. 

We fear that when we leave this earth, nobody will remember our name, our face, what we did in this life.  We fear that we will be lost to time.  That the stones will fade away.  The stories go unwritten. 

There is something worse than being forgotten by the generations to come; To be forgotten, left to die the eternal death, to wander aimlessly, not in the presence of God. 

As Christians, I believe that we should not fear death, but we should fear the death of being separated from our Heavenly Father. 

When we chase after worldly things, being the best that the world tells us to be, we are running away from God.  We chase after skills and abilities, talents and worth based on what man tells us to be. 

It’s hard to stop running.  To stand still in the presence of God.  To turn away from all the earthly delights that surround us, bombard us each and every day.  It is not easy to turn your eyes from the world and focus on the worth that God has given us, through the death of His Son. 

You put me back in the room with the sixteen or so other Corps Members looking to be Team Leader next year and I know that despite all our different skills, talents, abilities, experiences, none of us is worth more than the others in the sight of God. 

So we take our fears of being forgotten and we place them at the altar of the Lord. 

God Bless and PEACE


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