Fire and Water

Life out in Missouri is filled with extremes.  On Monday, we (the current Sun 6) decided to play with both water and fire in the same day.  Within hours of one another, we went canoeing and wading through the water then turned around and lit off three different fields and watched as 15 foot flames consumed 60+ acres of conservation land. 

Our first task was to check and clear bird houses for Wood Ducks.  We all piled into canoes and paddled out to the bird houses and checked for evidence of use, from egg shells to depressions where the mother duck sat.  We were also checking to make sure other animals (Screech Owls and Raccoons) were not using them as well.

While most of the waters were shallow enough to walk through (no more than 3 feet deep) we found that it was easier to just stand in the canoe than getting out the ladder to reach the bird houses.  We also found out that there were some deeper sections when one of the guys (see above) decided to walk from one bird house to the next.  He got a little wet when the water came over his waders.

Just a couple of hours later, the same guy that was soaking wet was basking in the heat of 15 foot flames.  With little instruction, we were handed drip torches, pointed towards a field and told to burn it.  So we did.  And we enjoyed it. 

After setting off a couple of head fires (where the flames race across the fields) we took a couple of moments to bask in the glory of our work.  So we took pictures (see myself above) and tried not to breath in too much smoke that was rising into the air around us. 

And so, we went from wading through water to burning off fields of grass.  Oh, the life of a Corps Member.  Can’t wait to see what AmeriCorps throws at us next.

God Bless and PEACE


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