Confidence or Arrogance

Earlier this week, I walked into a meeting with my Unit Leader and all the Corps Members in my unit who were applying to be a Team Leader next year and found myself beside numerous individuals of varying talents, strengths, backgrounds and attitudes.  As I was sitting there, I found myself looking over each of them and I caught myself thinking “I’ve got this.” 

In an instant, I had found that I had looked over all these individuals, team members, leaders and decided that I was better than all of them.  And I began to ask myself if this was Confidence or was it Arrogance. 

To survive in this world, we must have confidence in our abilities, but more importantly in the will of God.  We must know our selves and our limits, but we must also have the courage to rely on the strengths of others and the strength of God to push past our limits. 

As Christians, we walk with confidence in the knowledge that God has washed away our sins.  This confidence is something that is known in our hearts and is something that cannot be taken from us. 

But there is a fine line between confidence in our own lives and arrogance that makes us believe that we are better than others. 

I know I am a good leader.  I have been tested and tried many times.  But I cross the line from confidence to arrogance when I look at others and begin to compare their abilities to mine, and determine that I am better than they are. 

Arrogance is assuming that you are better than everyone else because of you abilities, gifts or opportunities in life. 

It is easy for Christians to take the confidence that they have received from the forgiveness of sins, then turn it into arrogance by looking at those that do not believe and feeling better than them.  I believe that when we become arrogant about our faith, we throw it back into the face of God. 

Confidence is one thing.  Arrogance is taking that same confidence in ourselves and placing ourselves above others. 

Back in the meeting with all the perspective Team Leaders, I found myself being arrogant.  Yes, I may have a lot of the skills, experience and strength that it takes to be a leader, but I am not the only one.  Each and every single one of them has strengths that I do not have and they have experiences that separate them from the rest of us. 

My challenge to everyone out there is to humble yourself so that you do not become arrogant, but continue to keep your confidence, both in God and in your own abilities. 

God Bless and PEACE


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  1. Reuben Said:

    This sounds close to the definition of humility that I’ve arrived at: finding your worth in God alone, not in talents, achievements, or skills.

    Humility isn’t belittling yourself. Humility is knowing that even if you are absolutely and undeniably the best painter, writer, singer, wrestler, cook, or what-have-you on the face of the earth that that doesn’t make you worth more in the sight of God.

    Talent is a good thing. Skill is a good thing. Achievements can be good. But they don’t give us worth. God gives us worth. Therefore, if I’m loaded up with talents and skills and another person truly does have nothing at all, I’m still not worth any more than him. God loves us both – and He doesn’t love us for our accomplishments. He love us because He is Himself.

    Humility isn’t ignoring the facts; humility is knowing the truth.

    And thank you, Sean, for replying to my last comment – I should’ve said something then. You’re the only person (besides Chesterton) that I’ve ever seen realize that loving and fighting are inseparable. Your sentence “the opposite of love is not hate, but indifference” ought to be written on stone somewhere.

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